ISOCAN winter mats - protection against cold

ISOCAN winter mats - protection against cold

 ISOCAN winter mats - give you an opportunity to work during the cold season and follow your construction timetables without hindering the technological processes!

ISOCAN winter mats are used in winter season (time)- it's like the tool to protect all the construction and processes from the cold influence (when the temperature is below 0°C).

Advantages of ISOCAN winter mats:

- super strong material of the best quality
- weights nearly nothing
- comfortable for transportation

- can be used again and again
- don't absorb humidity and don't change their original weight
- ready-made for explotation
- and so on.

ISOCAN winter mats fields of use:

- bulk material protection
- protection of the temporary trench excavation
- protection of engineering networks
- protection of the concrete processes (floors, ceilings, pillars, foundations, walls...)
- protection of the masonry structure
- protection of any products in transportation
- and so on.

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We offer patented and without analogues product - mats for the protection from the cold.

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